Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Sat Nam. The title of this is the kundalini yoga tune in mantra, or the adi mantra, and it means "I bow to the presence of God all around me and deep within me" (my translation). On my walk this morning while chanting this and thinking of our world and how our republican/democratic civil war is trying to stop or serve other nations and their wars, I wondered where God was, as most of us have. I prayed to God for God, as some of us do. And then I thought, "What if there is no God without, only within?", as a few of us might. If there is only God within what would the world be like - better or worse than the model of only God without? Could this be the true meaning of svadhyaya - which is taken as meaning the study of scriptures and/or the study of the Self? So the scriptures were someone's attempt at sharing their God within. The presence within them which is the same as the presence within me, only colored by their perception and not mine. I see strands of commonality. I cling to them and use them to help me share what's within me. Is this correct or incorrect of us, this sharing of our colored-in God pictures? Today I will believe only in the God within us all and see what shifts may come, if any. What would a yoga practice based on this look like? 1. child's pose 2. chakravakasana 3. kapplabhati 4. nadi sodhana 5. sitali 6. down dog 7. uttanasana 8. chest expansion x3 or more 9. headstand 10. handstand 11. forearm balance 12. bridge 13. up bow 14. supta baddha konasana 15. supta padangusthasana 16. shoulderstand 17. plow 18. maybe a fish 19. legs up the wall 20. unmani mudra 21. bija sanchalana 22. savasana

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