Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sat Nam. For the Saturday All Levels we meditated on the chakras of the pelvis, heart, and crown of the head - muladhara, anahata, and sahasrara. These chakras have seed sounds, which are lam, yam, and the vibration after the sound of Om, respectively. We inhaled lam yam om and moved breath from root to crown; we exhaled and quited the brain, softened the heart, and drew the navel to the spine.We stayed with this for some time and then went into the following sequence:
1. reclining uddiyana bandha several times
2. rolled on the back, side to side, back and forth, sat up
3. standing uddiyana bandha several times
4. chest expansion x3
5. reed pose x2
surya namaskar B. with variations - virabhadrasana 1, 2, reverse parsvokonasana, parsvokonasana, reverse again, then cartwheel into vinyasa - we did 4 rounds and then held the last round of vira 2 and parsvokonasana.
6. uttanasana
7. backbend at the wall - like the backbend in reed - we were standing a foot or so from the wall, inhale arms overhead and lean back until fingertips touch wall, exhale and push off wall to tadasana several times
8. we did the same with a friend who was holding a strap around our hips - then some of us walked down the wall into urdvha dhanurasana, supported by wall, strap, and friend.
9. assisted uttanasana - we folded forward and our friend walked into our backs and we leaned into them; then they lifted our hamstrings and kind of "sandwiched" us together
10. down dog
11. child's pose
12. ardha matsyendrasana x2
13. upavistha konasana
14. baddha konasana
15. paschimottanasana
We ended as we began, with lam, yam, and om, but we chanted them out loud and rested our awareness at the crown chakra.
16. back releases
17. savasana
If we had the time, we would have included headstand, shoulderstand, plow, and fish to the mix, between 11 and 12. Nevertheless, we stirred the energy of these chakras quite nicely!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sat Nam,

My friend got married over the weekend, and I read a poem by Mary Oliver called "What Is The Greatest Gift"? She goes on to say, "...that I wonder abut your soul more than I wonder about my own..." and "..."That I find my soul clapping its hands for yours more than my own...". It's so perfect and sweet. I began class with it and reminded everyone how we uplift each other when we practice together. Here's what we did, as far as I can remember:
breath of fire
down dog
uddiyana bandha
agni sara
uttanasana and uttanasana with a twist
chair pose, tiptoe chair pose, utkatasana, eagle
dancer x2
trikonasana and twsiting trikonasana
prasarita padottanasana
1/2 frog, full frog, bow
bridge adn/or upward bow
chakravakasana to child's pose
bent knee forward bend
full seated forward bend
a long reclining twist
supta baddha konasana
I don't believe we had a meditation. But the asana is meditation in action, especially a focused class like this. Everyone was centered and uplifting of each other.