Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday Morning Practice After having a BIG Italian Dinner the Night Before

Sat Nam. We will do a version of this in class this morning. This was my practice: 1. kappalabhati-2 min. and nadi sodhana -5 min. 2. seated shoulder stretches (interlace in, press palms forward ex, lift arms in, press hands behind head ex, lift arms in, release ex 3. baddha konasana crunches - regular, just lift elbows and knees toward each other, then add straightening the legs 4. mermaid sequence - side plank on forearm, mermaid 1, mermaid 2 - 20 each 5. locust sequence - 1 leg, both legs, arms and legs 6. down dog 7. chest expansion 8. forward bend with gomukhasana arms 9. headstand 10. handstand 11. v1, twist triko, pyramid 12. triko, ardha chandrasana, chappasana, back to triko 13. prasarita padottanasana 14. bow sequence - 1 leg, other, both 15. 3 camels 16. supta padangusthasana sequence 17. shoulderstand and plow 18. savasana

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