Monday, March 13, 2017

Sat Nam,
Thursday night's class almost unraveled me. I couldn't keep the class together. When that happens, I question my right and purpose to teach yoga. Yoga Bindu is a small space. When one person decides to do their own thing, three people , at least, follow. And those three people are usually the ones who shouldn't try the alternative. But it happens. And then the egos of others are engaged. Then I see others giving up on themselves and others giving up on me.
I've been to classes where the teacher will have absolutely none of that. I appreciate the teacher's ability to stand up for the whole class energy and cut the excess ego from invading the space. My teacher is an expert at that. I am not.
I share this because I want to remind you of why , I believe, we go to class in the first place; we go to class not so much to practice the asanas and pranayamas in the order presented but to BE IN THE ASANA, BE IN THE PRANYAMA. We come to class to learn how to be present. Otherwise, if we wanted to do whatever we wanted, we could stay in the living room. That said, I have nothing against modifications - absolutely nothing. I believe in them and suggest them ancome up short.
The strange thing was, at the end, half the class thanked me for a great practice! Shouldn't that be all that matters? Shouldn't I just let it go because everyone had a great practice? Probably. I don't know.