Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 6: Interesting Digestive Class

1. kapplabhati and nadi sodhana - 2-5 minutes each 2. supported gomukhasana - seated on edge of bolster, take full pose, using strap if necessary for joining hands together, then release arms and fold forward, resting forehead on stacked blocks 3. dandasana for a couple of breaths between sides of gomukhasana 4. eka pada supta virasana 5. udarakarshanasana 10 rounds 6. virasana with gomukhasana arms and reverse prayer arms 7. uttanasana - ardha, bent knees, straight legs 8. bound tree 2 9. eagle at the wall - from chair at the wall, inhale extend one leg and raise both arms to the wall, exhale down x6 pairs, then eagle balanced at wall, then eagle without the wall 10. vatayanasana 11. tadasana 12. prasarita padottanasana 13. uttanasana 14. surya namaskar A. x1 to floor 15. cobra twist 16. bow 17. bharadvajasana 1 18. bharadvajasana 2 19. paschimotanasana 20. viparita karani 21. savasana This sequence is fun and good to do if you're in an asana rut as well as a digestive one! I wonder if one follows the other(?). Each asana can be practiced form a few breaths to a few minutes. When it's hot I like short holds and a couple of reps for energy. Sat Nam.

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