Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday, September 20, All Levels Change of Pace Vinyasa

Annette's forearm plank roll-ups are my new favorite thing! We practiced this sequence, using them for foundational awareness in navel: palming the eyes, eyes softening, dark cool cave at back of mouth, ease around jaw, so-ham inhale-exhale sitali crocodile, sphinx, clasped hands cobra Annette's plank roll-ups, exhale belly and pelvis with 3 count kumbhaka (hold breath out) x6, then lift legs, too, x6 crocodile aand armless cobra again child's pose, roll into deep squat, roll up to soft uttanasana, ardha uttanasana, uttanasana uddiyana bandha x6-8 begin surya namaskar B, but add crescent moon, crescent w/ eagle arms, , curl toes under to lungs, virabhadrasana 3 with eagle arms, step back into crescent, release arms, lizard sequence, dog, other side. we did this sequence twice. On the second round we added forearm vasisthasana after lizard, child's pose, dog, other side child's pose, roll up to deep squat, soft uttana, ardha and uttana, surya namaskar B. beginnings, crescent moon side stretch to pigeon, to eka pada rajakapotasana, holding back leg, vinyasa, other side bow with bolster under belly, under hips, no bolster, crocodile, sphinx, armless cobra, child's pose, deep squat, soft uttana, ardha, and uttana with 3 count hold after exhale, deep squat to roll down to paschimo., supta baddha konasana to savasana

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Annette's Tuesday Night Class

Annette is the new teacher of our Tuesday night All Levels class! This was tonight's practice to the best of my memory: 1. kappalabhati 2. abdominal work 3. spine spirals 4. tadasana 5. surya namaskar A. x3 6. To surya namaskar A. she added twists: first round lunging twist w/ prayer hands, second round lunging twist w/ open arms (paravrrta parsvakonasana), third round bound variation 7. tree 1 and 2 x2 each, then forward bend in tree 8. deep squat to floor 9. janu sirsasana 10. wide leg seated forward fold 11. trikonasana on mat, at wall, on mat agaian 12. prasarita padottanasana 13. deep squat to floor 14. paschimo. x2 15. dead bug and floating baddha konasana x2 each 16. savasana It was the perfect class for me after writing for thirty hours this weekend!! thank you, Annette. Sat Nam.