Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday, July 27, All Levels Class

Sat Nam. This sequence focuses on twists and inversions. It's based on my practice this morning after walking the labyrinth, hence the twists - the winding path - and the inversions - the way the labyrinth shifts perception! 1. kappalabhati, nadi sodhana, ujjayi - about 3 minutes each chest expansion x3 2. tree 1 3. surya nam. C. and A. x3 each, with emphasis on plank in A. 4. headstand 5. handstand 6. tree 2 7. uttanasana and roll to malasana to navasana to ardha navasana 8. supta padangusthasana sequence 9. Bharadvajaasana 1 and 2 10. ardha badha Padma paschimo. 11. shoulderstand, plow, fish 12. unmani mudra and bija sanchalana (or sitali if we're running short on time) 13. savasana

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