Monday, July 21, 2014

My Practice Saturday, July 19 - working toward eka pada rajakapotasana

child's pose sequence: 1. wide knees 2. knees together 3. hands clasped 4.hands clasped the opposite way - each held for 5 breaths 5. down dog 6.vajrasana with toes tucked under 7. deep squat lift hips to soft uttanasana, upside down neck rolls roll up to tadasana 8. chest expansion x2, changing the interlace of hands on second one 9. surya namaskar C. x3 10. surya namaskar B. x3 - vira 1 with gomukhasana arms and held three breaths, to vira 2, triko, ardha chandrasana, chappasana, and back through to come out 11. dancer 12. archer to dancer 13. handstand 14. forearm balance 15. eka pada bhekasana 16. full bhekasana 17. pigeon 18. down dog 19. pigeon again, this time try for full eka pada rajakapotasana, first recreating eka pada bhekasana by bringing foot to waist, clasp elbow; then rolling the shoulder open into the full pose 20. mermaid 1 and 2 x10 each 21. down dog 22. child's pose 23. bharadvajaasana 1, clasping elbow of front arm with back hand 24. simple twist 25. supta padangusthasana 26. apanasana 27. supta baddha konasana 28. savasana Everything was held for about a minute. I did NOT explore my edge with this sequence. Instead I stayed in a range that felt good and stayed as long as it felt good. The exception was the first pigeon, which I may have held for more like 2 minutes. This was strictly asana with no pranayama or meditation. Maybe because I kept it light I had a summertime energy in me which sufficed!

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