Monday, August 25, 2014

Anti SStress restorative and Pranayama Sequence

To the best of my recollection, this was the sequence we did in Pranayama/Restoratives yesterday, in response to the request for anti stress. 1. kappalabhati, Chandra bedhana, and sitali pranayama, 1-3 minutes each 2. bridge with 2 bolsters or block and bolster - luxurious bridge - envelop yourself in prana, inhale up front of boddy and exhale down back 3. viparita karani with 4-8 breathing, working to it gradually 4. wide leg supported forward fold 5. side stretch over bolster 6. roll into big bolster backbend 7. bridge w/ bolster under hips, just for a minute or so 8. supta baddha konasana with feet elevated on bolster 9.* ascension breathing 10. savasana 2, 3, and 8 were held for about seven minutes each. Ascension Breathing: toes to crown, crown to toes, toes to crown, crown to ankles, ankles to crown, crown to knees, knees to crown, crown to hips, hips to crown, crown to waist, waist to crown, crown to chest, chest to crown, crown to throat, throat to crown, crown to eyebrows, eyebrows to crown, then work your way back down, ending with crown to toes. This is delicious, and it was a part of our yoga nidra program later that evening. Sat Nam!

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