Thursday, August 14, 2014

Morning Practice

Inspired by sutra 1.34 (again): prachardana vidharana bhyam va pranasya - quieting of the mind can be achieved by exhalation and suspension of the breath 1. child's pose 2. bridge 3 ways - up on inhale and down on exhale, up on inhale, stay on exhale, lower on kumbhaka - breath suspension, up on inhale, stay on exhale, roll uddiyana bandha up as you roll spine down - 3 each way 3. reclining twist beginning in fetal pose, then exhale roll open to twist, inhale and close the pose x3, then suspend breath after exhale x3 breaths 4. shoulder thread through - inhale follow arm up, exhale thread through x3, then stay 5. chakravakasana 3 ways, inhale/exhale, in/exhale,/stay with suspension, inhale/exhale/uddiyana bandha 6. down dog 7. uttanasana 8. Standing uddiyana bandha form a baseball stance 9. reed 10. deep squat 11. janu sirsasana twist 12. maha mudra 13. janu sirsasana 14. paschimottanasana 15. bridge 3 ways as before 16. goddess 17. savasana 18. meditation - hang in the space after exhale without expanding it

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