Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reed Salute Sequence for a Change of Paace on a Warm Day

My favorite vinyasa is a reed salute, and I haven't done them since last summer. This practice uses the reed salute, the foundation being: REED - inhale reach up, ex right, in up, ex left, in up, ex back, in up, ex bent knee clasped for-bend, in utka, ex uttana, then come up any way you choose. Thought it isn't necessarily cooling, it's a refreshing change from standard sun salutes. Eliminate #'s 2, 3, and 4, to tone it down further. Enjoy! Pranayama: 1 minute kapplabhati, 3 minutes sitali, 1 minute steady, slow, even breathing 1. Reed Salute, crescent moon, twist, lean back for hamstring stretch, vinyasa (chat, up dog, down dog) other side 2. Second reed salute, crescent moon, twist, side crane, lean back, vinyasa, other side 3. Third reed salute, vira 1, straighten up, twisting triangle, pyramid, 1/2 pyramid, vinyasa 4. Fourth reed salute, crescent moon, lean back into the splits, possibly lifting back leg and catching foot in crook of elbow 5. Fifth reed salute, crescent moon to pigeon 6. Sixth reed salute, from uttana, sit down to squat and roll to navasana, ardha navasana, bridge, shoulderstand and plow, roll down, supta padangusthasana, apanasana, savasana

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