Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sat Nam,

My friend got married over the weekend, and I read a poem by Mary Oliver called "What Is The Greatest Gift"? She goes on to say, "...that I wonder abut your soul more than I wonder about my own..." and "..."That I find my soul clapping its hands for yours more than my own...". It's so perfect and sweet. I began class with it and reminded everyone how we uplift each other when we practice together. Here's what we did, as far as I can remember:
breath of fire
down dog
uddiyana bandha
agni sara
uttanasana and uttanasana with a twist
chair pose, tiptoe chair pose, utkatasana, eagle
dancer x2
trikonasana and twsiting trikonasana
prasarita padottanasana
1/2 frog, full frog, bow
bridge adn/or upward bow
chakravakasana to child's pose
bent knee forward bend
full seated forward bend
a long reclining twist
supta baddha konasana
I don't believe we had a meditation. But the asana is meditation in action, especially a focused class like this. Everyone was centered and uplifting of each other.

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